Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contenders? Pretenders? Claude Lemieux?

As the All-Star break approaches, it's natural to take a look at the standings and begin to make Stanley Cup predictions. We break down the top 3 Cup contenders in each Conference, as well as the biggest pretender in the playoff picture.

Eastern Conference

1. Boston Bruins
How can you pick against the mighty Bruins? The B's are 33-8-5 and haven't even allowed their 100th goal of the season yet through 46 games. With the solid goaltending tandem of Manny Fernandez and All-Star Tim Thomas, the Bruins look to finally be in a position to not be a first round bust. Defense wins championships, and the Bruins simply do not give up goals. The addition of a puck-moving defenseman at the deadline would solidify their case, and with names like Mathieu Schneider on the market, the Bruins have the assests to swing a deal to make this team a true Cup favorite.

2. Montreal Canadiens
After a solid post-season run last season, Carey Price and his like, 27 All-Star teammates appear to be ready for a solid charge into the playoffs. Despite the special teams numbers being down, this is still a legitimate club with a ton of talent. They are another team looking for a power play quarterback, and Schneider's name has come up in rumors to Montreal, too.

3. Washington Capitals
With Alexander Ovechkin tearing up the league as always, this may be the year for the up-start Capitals to make a deep charge. The young talent on this team is incredible, and who wouldn't want to see them playing late into May? The only legitimate concern is whether or not Jose Theodore can hold up in the playoffs and whether a light Southeast Division schedule will bode well for the Caps come test time.

DARK HORSE: New Jersey Devils
Somehow staying afloat without Marty Brodeur, imagine the jump the Devs will get when their savior returns to the pipes? This time is quietly tearing up the East, sitting a point behind the Rangers for the Atlantic Division lead, and could open some eyes come April and into May.

PRETENDER: New York Rangers
The Blueshirts sit in first place in the Atlantic Division by a mere point over the New Jersey Devils. The Rangers boast a 28-16-4 record, but the record is deceieving. They are 11-4 in overtime this season. If they had lost even half of the overtime games, that would bump them all the way down to 6th in the Conference and would put them at 3rd in their own division. It could be a tough April at Madison Square Garden.


1. Detroit Red Wings
It's hard to pick against the defending Stanley Cup Champions, especially when they only got better over the off-season. Despite a few eye-opening losses lately, most recently a 6-3 trouncing at the hands of the Phoenix Coyotes, the Wings are still the favorites to repeat. The only question mark is whether or not they'll run out of steam come May, but the team is so good and appears hungry enough again to win it all.

2. San Jose Sharks
The Sharks are setting the pace in the West, but that doesn't mean they're a lock to win the Cup. Every year seems to be the Sharks year, yet they always fall short. This may be their best year to do it, but they're going to have to get through the daunted Red Wings in order to do so. The good news? They've taken two out of three regular season match-ups from Detroit, save the 6-0 defeat in December.

3. Chicago Blackhawks
The only thing holding this team back is their inability to beat Detroit; but who isn't struggling with that? They've lost all their meetings with the Wings this season, but otherwise have a good young core of players with a nice mix of veteran leadership and solid goaltending that could take this club deep into the post-season.

DARK HORSE: Anaheim Ducks
You can never count the 2007 Champions out, especially with offensive firepower and defensive soundness. Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and now the emergence of Bobby Ryan are keying an offense on an Anaheim team that knows how to win and win consistently.

PRETENDER: Phoenix Coyotes
Sorry, Gretz, but this isn't going to be the year. While the 'Yotes may still make the playoffs for the first time since 2002, but if the season ended today they'd be matched up with the Blachawks, a team they haven't even proven they belong on the ice with this season. They need a few key cogs at the deadline if they want to survive the first round, namely a puck-moving defenseman. The problem is, the team is going bankrupt, so who knows if that's even an option.


-The Atlanta Thrashers spoiled Carey Price's return last night in a 4-2 victory. Zach Bogosian added another goal and assist, notching 4 points in his last 2 games. Rich Peverley now has 8 points in 4 games as a Thrasher after notching his second goal in his last 3 games. Canadien's coach Guy Carbonneau has announced that Price will start in New Jersey on Wednesday night and will indeed start the All-Star game in Montreal this coming weekend.

-Claude Lemeiux was relatively quiet in his return to the Sharks last night, a 2-1 overtime victory over Vancouver. The grizzled veteran notched 3 shots on goal and posted an even performance in a modest 7:08 of ice time.

-The only thing more concerning for the Wings about their 6-3 loss to Phoenix Tuesday is that they gave up two goals to Enver Lisin. Who?

Not much else to add on this wonderful Wednesday. A few solid games on tap tonight, including Montreal @ New Jersey at 7:00.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Jinx

Yes we all have heard it; being on the cover of an EA Sports game jinxes that player. It has been enormously somewhat true in the Madden series. From guys breaking their legs, car accidents, awful season, and even becoming porn stars, OK maybe not that, but, it appears your doomed after being on it. Does this appear to be the case in the EA's NHL series as well?

It has been some hot talk this season a few weeks back regarding Dion Phaneuf. However he has having a tremendous season regardless of what fans are saying. Fans always expect big things out of their big players. I think sometimes people forget Phaneuf is a defenseman, and if he is not scoring two goals a game and knocking three people out, he has failed miserably. This season Phaneuf has registered 4 goals and 26 assists. Last season he had 17 goals, so yeah hes off-pace for that statistic, but Flames fans should be happy with the results nonetheless.

2008 coverboy Eric Staal had a rebound season last year from the previous, and though he has been the rumor of many trade talks this year, he seems to be fairing well since then.

Ovechkin was 2007, enough said.

So is the series clear of any aquistions that it does harm? Well not totally. There are two notable players who could use the excuse of being cursed by it. The most notable one, Dany Heatley. In September of 2003, Heatley lost control of his car and crashed into a wall suffering numerous injuries which cut his 03-04 season short. Happening just weeks after the game was released with him on the cover. That was not the worst of the incident however, teammate Dan Snyder was in the passenger seat and died as a result of the accident. Since then Dany has comeback to the NHL in a big way, posting huge numbers, but his life will never be the same. EA Sports even changed the cover midway through the season due to the incident. Joe Sakic was the replacement.

Markus Naslund is another notable coverboy who has had some issues since his edition back in 2004. For the past four seasons his point totals have dropped each of those years. He made the jump from the Canucks to the Rangers this past offseason.

Well in other news, like Buotte said yesterday, Claude Lemeuiux is up in the NHL once again. I really cannot think of one good reason an NHL team in first place would want this guy to come in now, besides publicity. But really, when your in first do you need anymore?

Rick Dipietro is out for the entire season. Cudos to Garth Snow and the boys out there on Long Island who put that tremendous deal together to keep him there until I have a mid life crisis (I am 21).

Tomorrow check back for a Buotte update. Can the Thrashers seriously win another one? Fans actually having something to cheer about in Hotlanta? And it's not for the Dog Fights at Vick's house either! Good day all.

-Mike Nick

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bouweester trade a bad idea?

After resigning 2002 top pick Jay Bouweester to a one-year deal in the off-season, the Panthers immediately put themselves in a tough situation. They'd likely have to deal Bouweester by the end of the season for picks and prospects, all standard practice for a struggling franchise like Florida, one who hasn't made the playoffs since 2000 (Pavel Bure lead that team in scoring). However, with the Panthers sitting a point out of the playoffs as of January 19th, and three games in hand on the Pittsburgh team they trail, things have become a lot more complicated in Sunrise.

The question is begged, what is more important to the Panthers? Making the playoffs for the first time in 9 years or ensuring they get some sort of return on Bouweester, who has made it all but certain that he will be fleeing for greener pastures at season's end? The Panthers could certainly use the prospects. Their defensive future looks very uncertain, despite the addition of a slew of veterans in the off-season. Bouweesteer is the youngest defenseman on the roster, and their American Hockey League affiliate Rochester Americans sit in last the entire league with 33 points in 42 games.

It will likely serve the Panthers better to attempt to deal Bouweester for a top pick (1st or 2nd round) in the 2009 Draft and perhaps get another defensive prospect. Plenty of teams could use a rugged defenseman for the stretch drive, and he would be a nice fit out West in Minnesota or Edmonton. The asking price will be steep for Bouweester though and teams may have learned that gambling like the Pittsburgh Penguins did last year for Marian Hossa and taking a chance that a rental player will re-sign can be risky business, possibly hindering a return on one of the game's finest young defenseman.


-The San Jose Sharks picked a big two points over the weekend with a victory over the Detroit Red Wings, 6-5. After the Wings spanked the Sharks 6-0 in their last meeting, this was definitely a big statement game from San Jose, who got four points out of Ryan Clowe (0,4) and had another three from Milan Michalek (1,2). Team teams meet again on February 25th in Detroit for their final meeting, with the sharks taking 2 of the first 3.

-Atlanta's rookie defenseman Zach Bogosian picked up his first career assist in the first period of their 7-2 triumph over Nashville this weekend, followed by his first career goal in the 3rd period. Rich Peverley, claimed off waivers by Atlanta last week, has excelled centering Ilya Kovalchuk and has picked up six points (1,5) in his first three games as a Thrasher.

-The poor New York Islanders still have not picked up a victory in 2009. They fell to 0-7-1 with a 2-1 loss to the Capitals on Monday, with Alex Ovechkin notching the game-winning goal. Maybe Tavares will end up on Long Island after all?

-Claude Lemieux has been called up at the ripe, youthful age of 43. Enough said.

That about sums it up for today. Mike Nick will be chiming in tomorrow with some more hockey Nonsense.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Garden Rumble, Oh Rivalries.

On Tuesday night I had the privilage of attending the Bruins-Canadiens game at the TDBanknorth Garden in Boston. You know, it seems as if everyone is hopping on the bandwagon for atleast one team right now. Whether it be the Bruins, Hawks, Red Wings, Capitals, or the Penguins. I am not hopping on any as of yet, though the Hawks do excite me, and the Bruins are arguably the leagues best team and most entertaining. I have hated the Bruins for many many years. Maybe it is because when I started liking hockey in the 90's they sucked. But this year they are playing the physical and fast paced offensive style of hockey I like. They are exciting to watch, and I like a few select players, but chances are I wont be purchasing any bruins apparel anytime soon.

Being from Maine, AHL is the closest we have and will ever have from the NHL. To get to an NHL game is a treat, not just something to do. So whether it be the Bluejackets vs Thrashers or Bruins vs. Canadiens, it's all something us Mainers can enjoy.

But the game on Tuesday was a game above all games. I have been to some exciting minor league hockey games in my day. Yes I know this is the NHL, it is always going to be exciting right? Well, this one was just simply amazing. From walking in to walking out, you could feel the tension and intensity from the fans to the players. Bruins fans heckling numerous Canadiens fans throughout the entire game, including several chick fights and bathroom rights. Everyone was on the edge of their seat for most of the game, bruins touch the puck, the crowd goes nuts. It was the type of environment that brings in new fans. Not to hate on the overweight, underprivilaged, or just plain stupid, but, a few rows back of me were several men nearing 400 lbs., didnt appear to have showered in a month or two, they were having the time of their life, good for them.

Hockey simply needs more rivalries like this. Ones that are not only known for certain in the two teams towns, but for the sport in general. Not every sport has a Yankees-Red Sox, but hockey needs that. A little ten year old boy farming his families crops for the summer in South Dakota could tell you a thing of two about the Yankees-Sox, but that ten year old boy probably wouldn't be able to tell you a thing of two about the Bruins-Habs rivalry. Thats the problem. NHL Marketing. Ive mentioned it before, its getting better, but it can't stop, for the games sake. It'll always have its hardcore fans, but as Atlanta proves, they have hardcore fans, 13,000 or so everynight, but there is another few thousand that can still fit, when will they come?

In Gary Bettman, we don't trust.

Few videos below showing the intensity of this game:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rose Bowl for the Classic? No thanks.

After the smashing success of the 2009 Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, the NHL has planned to go ahead with the event in 2010. The destination is unknown at this point, but some sources have reported that the Rose Bowl could be a possible destination.

No, thank you. To keep this event successful it must be played in cold climates in traditional hockey markets, preferably with American teams, and preferably at recognizable venues that have historical significance. Playing the game in Vegas, on the beach, or in a big dome defeats the purpose of the event. It should definitely be a once a year event, also, but it should be in a place where there's at least a chance of a snowfall. How great was the 2008 Classic just because of the snow and picture-esque setting? It was an instant classic, even before the dramatic shootout.

My top 5 choices:

1. Fenway Park (Bruins vs. Rangers)
The Rangers need to be involved in one of these games. Their huge fan base will drive up television ratings, something obviously good for the sport, and Fenway Park would create the perfect backdrop.

2. Yankee Stadium (Rangers vs. Bruins)
Same match-up, different setting.

3. Spartan Stadium (Red Wings vs. Avalanche)
Perhaps the best hockey rivalry in the 1990s, the two teams could meet in the enormous Spartan Stadium which would undoubtedly be filled to capacity. Two teams with strong fan bases would get good TV ratings and it could help rekindle a great rivalry.

4. Beaver Stadium (Penguins vs. Flyers)
A rematch of the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals would undoubtedly captivate the state of Pennsylvania and would create a good enough match-up to entice other viewers from around the country.

5. Nationals Park (Capitals vs. Penguins)
Crosby vs. Ovechkin? Absolutely.

Anyways, enough about the Classic. Other stuff is happening around the NHL that is much more relevant at this time. There's a lot of news coming from the Southeast Division (no, it's not disbanding), including a couple of team captains.

The Lightning have said they would listen to offers to their captain Vincent Lecavalier. Should they do such a thing? Well, if the organization is truly committed to rebuilding then they absolutely should be inquiring. Getting a bunch of picks and prospects for Vinny, despite his superstar status, would be the best move. If they are going to try to build the team through the off-season like last year, then keep Vinny, because either way they're hopeless. I vote on trading Vinny for a handful of youth and taking a step backwards so that they can take two steps forward.

I use the same reasoning when saying the Atlanta Thrashers should deal Ilya Kovalchuk before this trade deadline. The Thrashers named Kovalchuk captain just a few days ago, further solidifying Don Waddell's statements that they do not want to trade Kovalchuk. That being said, they should do it anyways. He has so much value and is not a player that is going to lead you to a Stanley Cup, but more of an enormous component. He's a key cog but can't take a team by himself. I like the idea of his captaincy, but like the idea of trading him better. The Thrashers crammed a whopping 14,163 people into their last home game, a loss to Ottawa. People aren't coming out to the games anyways...might as well deal your star and try to copy the Chicago Blackhawks.

Speaking of the Hawks, they appear to be hitting their stride again after back-to-back losses last weekend. In other Western Conference tidbits, the San Jose Sharks are 20-0-2 at home this season. Those are unbelievable numbers, and if you're a season ticket holder in San Jose you picked a good season for it. This team may be for real this time and there's really no glaring weakness.

Otherwise, there's really no other good bitings, bitch-slappings, or any other cool stuff to write about. Coming up we'll analyze the top teams in each conference and make some early playoff predictions.


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Quick Morning Skate

Tomorrow I will be attending the Canadiens and Bruins game in Boston, very excited for that. Hoping Milan Lucic is back in the lineup to see another fight vs. Komisarek. As mentioned in previous blogs, he made the all star team over many guys with more points and simply more skill. Jack Edwards should have some good words throughout that game, so look here after for some youtube bits of him.

Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks is one rookie to look out for this season. I had the privilage of watching him parts of the past three season in Portland of the AHL, he has some of the better hands I have seen come through the league. Many doubted him early on, especially because he was the pick right after Crosby in the 2005 draft. Now, people are starting to see what the GM at the time, Al Coates saw. It could be said ex-GM, and now Toronto's GM Brian Burke did not want him in Anaheim, as he was the subject of several trade rumors. But with Burke gone, Ryan is finally getting his chance on the West Coast, and he has paid his dues in the minors, he deserves this.

Check back on in tomorrow for a recap of the Canadiens-Bruins experience and a look into my personal opinions of where I think the next Winter Classic should be held. I may also post some ideas the NHL should do to market the NHL better. I feel as if they are doing a better job post-lockout era, but things still need to change. Buotte may post before I do, so look out for that blog as well. Good day folks.

-Mike Nick

Sunday, January 11, 2009

All-Star Snubs

In the wake of the All-Star teams being named for each conference, we've come up with the top 5 All-Star Game snubs for 2009.

Patrick Sharp, Chicago BlackhawksHe's 2nd in the Western Conference in goals with 20, yet Mike Modano gets on reputation alone despite his just 13 goals. Sharp has been instrumental to the Blackhawks success this season, heading a potent offense with All-Star game starters Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

Phil Kessel, Boston Bruins Kessel has notched 41 points (24 G, 17 A) and has posted a very impressive +17 thus far this season. Yet somehow Alexei Kovalev and his 11 goals has been selected to the a starter no less.

Patrick Marleau, San Jose Sharks Marleau has been a key part to the Sharks run at the Presidents Trophy. Marleau has notched 23 goals and 23 assists so far this season yet somehow does not get a sniff at the All-Star Game. He leads the Western Conference in goals. Somebody explain that one to us?

Dennis Wideman, Boston Bruins Wideman is an astonishing +25, and while some of that is helped by being on such a dominate team, the statistics don't lie. Wideman has 8 goals and 20 assists, tops among Eastern Conference defenseman. Yet Mike Komisarek is starting the game with his dazzling 1 goal and 3 assists.

Mike Green, Washington CapitalsGreen's 10 goals lead Eastern Conference defenseman and his 18 assists don't hurt his case. Green has been a rock on the Capitals blueline, averaging 25:12 in ice time. He's the only player in the NHL to average more than 25 minutes in ice time and had 10 or more goals. Again, Komisarek?

That's all that matter to me on this Sunday morning. The All-Star game needs immediate changes, but we'll save that for another blog.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And you thought Chris Simon was cool...

Just when I thought I'd seen all the stick-swinging, elbow-flying, Todd Bertuzzi cheapshots in hockey, I've now seen another one to add to the collection of "what the hell was he thinking?" manuevers pulled off in an NHL game.

Jarko Ruutu pulled his best Mike Tyson impersonation on Andrew Peters in an altercation the other night, biting his right hand while the two were tangled up in front of the team benches. Don't believe me? Here you go:

Not too sure how I feel about this or what the length of the suspension should be. If Sean Avery gets 6 games for running his mouth then Ruutu should get at least a dozen for using his to injure another player. This will be an interesting one to watch unfold, as was the Avery situation. Somehow Colin Campbell will manage to botch it as he usually does. And as I write this I have learned that Ruutu has recieved a two game suspension for his actions. There is something so impressively wrong with that that I can't even begin to describe it. He deserved eight at minimum. There's something in "The Code" of fighting that says you can't bite somebody. Just my two cents, of course, but two games? Please.

Other notes from around the league include the Chicago Blackhawks smoking the Phoenix Coyotes again on Tuesday night. In the last two meetings between the teams the Hawks have won by a combined 12 goals with 7-1 and 6-0 victories. The Hawks also got three points out of Jonathan Toews (2 G, A) in the victory. Toews will be a starter on the Western Conference All-Star team next month.

The NHL has announced the reserves on the Western half of the All-Star game for next month. Not really any complaints from me here. Great to see Mike Modano getting one more crack at things, though he'll probably be back next season.

Mats Sundin returns to action tonight against the Edmonton Oilers. That should be something else. The Canucks could use the win in the standings as well, so look for a big effort from Sundin in his return half-way through the season.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not only does Semin need fairy wings...

I can't take too much more of Sidney Crosby either. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the next one. I understand he has immense ammounts of talent and needs to be marketed likewise. But seriously, this kid is a punk. Being an Atlanta Thrashers fan (yes, I know), I really don't watch Pittsburgh play unless they're playing Atlanta because I don't like watching them play that much. And after Crosby's latest two incidents and the lack of league intervention in both of them (though the most recent was less of an issue), I really can't stand "Sid the Kid" anymore. He's babied by the League and it's disgusting.

Case and point, there was no reprimanding for these incidents (not to mention they were absolutely cowardly):

And then this lovely tussle with Brett McLean:

The kid is a joke. I get that he's very skilled, but the league can't keep giving this kid all the love they do and not punish him for things like punching a guy in the nuts and instigating a fight. The worst press he's got? This touching story about surpassing Jaromir Jagr for the most All-Star votes in one season. That whole thing is a joke too (as is the All-Star game itself). This season you could vote for every player on your team by texting the team name, something I don't think Jagr had the luxury of in 2000. Not only that, but Jagr wasn't pampered as the next Greztky when he clearly was not.

Look, you can argue that it was a different era. But Crosby is not an elite player. He's an elite goal scorer, but definitely not going to mentioned in the greatest players to play the game. In Gretzky's first three NHL seasons he had 198 goals and 315 assists, good for 513 points. Crosby's first three years? 99 goals and 195 assists, good for 294 points. That's almost half of Gretzky's numbers over the first three years of their NHL careers. Like I said, I recognize they played in different eras, but you tell me...would you classify Crosby as a potential Hall of Famer who deserves to be mentioned in the same class as Grezkty, Maurice Richard, or hell, even Jagr? Didn't think so.

The last piece of news is a sad piece from hockey. Don Sanderson, a 21-year-old kid in Ontario died fighting in a game in a AAA league in Canada. His head hit the ice and he eventually died, resulting in much more debate about the end of fighting in hockey. You can find more opinion here. I will put my full thoughts up next blog, but for now it's a good time to say a prayer for the Sanderson family.


Semin Cast As Catwoman In Next Batman!

I swear to god they might actually consider it after Semin's first NHL fight the other night vs. Marc Staal of the Rangers. For those of you who did not see the fight, your missing out. Here it is below.

Look, I understand if your not a fighter you're probably not going to fair well. However, even Crosby's BS fight from Saturday as well featured some cheap, but OK body shots from Crosby. Why Crosby started that fight, and punched Boris Valabik of the Atlanta Thrashers earlier in the season, I don't know. So back to the point. While Semin's fight was one of the worst fights to grace the hockey world, it was also the most entertaining.

To spark a little debate, lets talk more about the Crosby fight. If you didn't catch that one, here it is.

If I was in a board meeting with the NHL brass and Gary Bettman was handing out a sentence for Sean Avery (if that incident happened after this), and he gave him six games I would be irate. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Avery said something so profane, every kid I see playing hockey now says that and only that, they don't even want to play hockey anymore! Seriously, they think of Sean Avery as god. No, the Avery comment has no affect on anyone, and I mean that. I have not seen anyone talk about the Sean Avery comment in a bad way, except talking about how Sean Avery is a goon and a pest. Great, maybe he is, but it is obvious more people are offended, and actually pissed off at Avery more than anything because he probably taunted and fought one of their favorite players.

Again I am getting off-topic so back to Crosby. This is a player a lot of children look up to, he is arguably the most publicized and marketed player in the game today. More people should of saw this via TV and the web than the Avery comment (an interview that no one outside of Calgary would of saw). The only reason the Avery thing got out is because there was probably a pissed off reporter who wanted Avery to get bashed, well congrats. If Crosby does not get punished for this, than it makes it look like this is acceptable and classy behavior for all the kids that idolize him. More people used to know Crosby than Avery, you tell me what is really worse. If I was a parent I know my kid has probably learned much worse language by kindergarten. But typically a kid is not going to start jumping another kid during class. Give Avery a few games, whatever, but don't treat the guy like OJ Simpson. It's all politics in sports from youth sports on up, this proves it.

On the rumor side of things, Buffalo's Maxim Afiniganov has been rumored to be dealt all season long. He has had an awful 08-09 campaign along with a high salary. Their has been some major talk of him going to Colorado for some late round picks.

I heard a tremendous BS rumor the other day on an AHL message board. One intelligent poster stated that he has heard from his sources that Shawn Thornton is sick of the NHL, he wants to return to Portland of the AHL (my hometown and team). You know, it would be great to have Shawn back and all, but I am pretty confident we won't be seeing this happen. Sorry penaltyboxattendant.

What else? Ummm, I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I haven't watched a lot of ESPN though, I am getting sick and tired of the millions of college bowl games. I swear by the time I am thirty there will be a bowl called "Teddy's Plumbing Service Bowl". Like come on, you can finish 4-10 and get a bowl bid, its stupid. But there is still not enough time for NHL games or highlights. Does Versus even play hockey anymore? Oh, and the reality shows on MTV....yeah, I guess they have a different idea of what that word actually means.

Well it is getting late. I will be gone for a few days, but no fear, I will be back on Thursday/Friday. Their will be another blogger posting here and there on here. You can call him, buotte. He has been blogging for several years on blog spot about life and hockey. He will provide some tremendous write-ups on here, I can promise you that.

As I am sure you can tell, I am all for Jack Edwards. Stupid but funny quotes, but man oh man, this picture on NESN's "Instigator" section of their website features the creepiest pic ever. Please go look at Jack's face. Like you'll ever let your kids watch another Bruins game again.

Goodnight all.

Journeyman of the Day: Reggie Savage

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lord's Day and Dumb Fans Unite

What does that mean? Well, I am not quite sure if you all have heard this before, but I have. One of those casual fans who was walking around town looking for something to do, stumbles upon an odd, large looking building and decides to see what's going on. They walk in and buy a ticket, with no real concern for what they just paid money to go see. Soon they realize it's a hockey game! They think the warm up is the actual game and who the hell are those zebra looking men on the ice? Followed by numerous other mind boggling comments, they watch the game and two men decide to go toe-to-toe. That's when this casual fan stands up, looks up to the sky, and says, "But it's the lord's day!"

Yes, thats right (real) hockey fans, the lord's day. God forbid the part of the sport that brings a majority of the fans through the turnstiles happened on a day that should bring peace to the mind and kneeling in a sacred church. Not to mention that the fan probably did not know you could fight. I guess this casual fan I am speaking of is one who has attended about five or so hockey games and has yet to realize religion and hockey don't mix.

Anyways. This is just the start of many posts to come. No, I am not a Puck Daddy wannabee. OK, maybe I am. Nor will I make it to Puck Daddy status. But what the hell, I can't do worse than the Atlanta Thrashers are these days, or their entire tenure in the NHL. Hats off to Puck Daddy and his amazing blog over at Yahoo! (shit, this is a google site!). I will try to write daily, but stuff happens so we'll see. There will be parts of the blog that will happen daily. I am thinking YouTube clips, fight of the night (prior night) or week, journeyman player of the day, etc.

What happened to the all the Sean Avery talk anyways?

It's getting late, sleep well.

I'll leave you with two things. Please watch the video below. Jack Edwards may be crazy, but hockey needs more of that.

Journeyman of the Day: Peter White