Friday, January 16, 2009

Garden Rumble, Oh Rivalries.

On Tuesday night I had the privilage of attending the Bruins-Canadiens game at the TDBanknorth Garden in Boston. You know, it seems as if everyone is hopping on the bandwagon for atleast one team right now. Whether it be the Bruins, Hawks, Red Wings, Capitals, or the Penguins. I am not hopping on any as of yet, though the Hawks do excite me, and the Bruins are arguably the leagues best team and most entertaining. I have hated the Bruins for many many years. Maybe it is because when I started liking hockey in the 90's they sucked. But this year they are playing the physical and fast paced offensive style of hockey I like. They are exciting to watch, and I like a few select players, but chances are I wont be purchasing any bruins apparel anytime soon.

Being from Maine, AHL is the closest we have and will ever have from the NHL. To get to an NHL game is a treat, not just something to do. So whether it be the Bluejackets vs Thrashers or Bruins vs. Canadiens, it's all something us Mainers can enjoy.

But the game on Tuesday was a game above all games. I have been to some exciting minor league hockey games in my day. Yes I know this is the NHL, it is always going to be exciting right? Well, this one was just simply amazing. From walking in to walking out, you could feel the tension and intensity from the fans to the players. Bruins fans heckling numerous Canadiens fans throughout the entire game, including several chick fights and bathroom rights. Everyone was on the edge of their seat for most of the game, bruins touch the puck, the crowd goes nuts. It was the type of environment that brings in new fans. Not to hate on the overweight, underprivilaged, or just plain stupid, but, a few rows back of me were several men nearing 400 lbs., didnt appear to have showered in a month or two, they were having the time of their life, good for them.

Hockey simply needs more rivalries like this. Ones that are not only known for certain in the two teams towns, but for the sport in general. Not every sport has a Yankees-Red Sox, but hockey needs that. A little ten year old boy farming his families crops for the summer in South Dakota could tell you a thing of two about the Yankees-Sox, but that ten year old boy probably wouldn't be able to tell you a thing of two about the Bruins-Habs rivalry. Thats the problem. NHL Marketing. Ive mentioned it before, its getting better, but it can't stop, for the games sake. It'll always have its hardcore fans, but as Atlanta proves, they have hardcore fans, 13,000 or so everynight, but there is another few thousand that can still fit, when will they come?

In Gary Bettman, we don't trust.

Few videos below showing the intensity of this game:

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