Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Semin Cast As Catwoman In Next Batman!

I swear to god they might actually consider it after Semin's first NHL fight the other night vs. Marc Staal of the Rangers. For those of you who did not see the fight, your missing out. Here it is below.

Look, I understand if your not a fighter you're probably not going to fair well. However, even Crosby's BS fight from Saturday as well featured some cheap, but OK body shots from Crosby. Why Crosby started that fight, and punched Boris Valabik of the Atlanta Thrashers earlier in the season, I don't know. So back to the point. While Semin's fight was one of the worst fights to grace the hockey world, it was also the most entertaining.

To spark a little debate, lets talk more about the Crosby fight. If you didn't catch that one, here it is.

If I was in a board meeting with the NHL brass and Gary Bettman was handing out a sentence for Sean Avery (if that incident happened after this), and he gave him six games I would be irate. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Avery said something so profane, every kid I see playing hockey now says that and only that, they don't even want to play hockey anymore! Seriously, they think of Sean Avery as god. No, the Avery comment has no affect on anyone, and I mean that. I have not seen anyone talk about the Sean Avery comment in a bad way, except talking about how Sean Avery is a goon and a pest. Great, maybe he is, but it is obvious more people are offended, and actually pissed off at Avery more than anything because he probably taunted and fought one of their favorite players.

Again I am getting off-topic so back to Crosby. This is a player a lot of children look up to, he is arguably the most publicized and marketed player in the game today. More people should of saw this via TV and the web than the Avery comment (an interview that no one outside of Calgary would of saw). The only reason the Avery thing got out is because there was probably a pissed off reporter who wanted Avery to get bashed, well congrats. If Crosby does not get punished for this, than it makes it look like this is acceptable and classy behavior for all the kids that idolize him. More people used to know Crosby than Avery, you tell me what is really worse. If I was a parent I know my kid has probably learned much worse language by kindergarten. But typically a kid is not going to start jumping another kid during class. Give Avery a few games, whatever, but don't treat the guy like OJ Simpson. It's all politics in sports from youth sports on up, this proves it.

On the rumor side of things, Buffalo's Maxim Afiniganov has been rumored to be dealt all season long. He has had an awful 08-09 campaign along with a high salary. Their has been some major talk of him going to Colorado for some late round picks.

I heard a tremendous BS rumor the other day on an AHL message board. One intelligent poster stated that he has heard from his sources that Shawn Thornton is sick of the NHL, he wants to return to Portland of the AHL (my hometown and team). You know, it would be great to have Shawn back and all, but I am pretty confident we won't be seeing this happen. Sorry penaltyboxattendant.

What else? Ummm, I have been watching a lot of TV lately. I haven't watched a lot of ESPN though, I am getting sick and tired of the millions of college bowl games. I swear by the time I am thirty there will be a bowl called "Teddy's Plumbing Service Bowl". Like come on, you can finish 4-10 and get a bowl bid, its stupid. But there is still not enough time for NHL games or highlights. Does Versus even play hockey anymore? Oh, and the reality shows on MTV....yeah, I guess they have a different idea of what that word actually means.

Well it is getting late. I will be gone for a few days, but no fear, I will be back on Thursday/Friday. Their will be another blogger posting here and there on here. You can call him, buotte. He has been blogging for several years on blog spot about life and hockey. He will provide some tremendous write-ups on here, I can promise you that.

As I am sure you can tell, I am all for Jack Edwards. Stupid but funny quotes, but man oh man, this picture on NESN's "Instigator" section of their website features the creepiest pic ever. Please go look at Jack's face. Like you'll ever let your kids watch another Bruins game again.

Goodnight all.

Journeyman of the Day: Reggie Savage

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