Monday, January 5, 2009

The Lord's Day and Dumb Fans Unite

What does that mean? Well, I am not quite sure if you all have heard this before, but I have. One of those casual fans who was walking around town looking for something to do, stumbles upon an odd, large looking building and decides to see what's going on. They walk in and buy a ticket, with no real concern for what they just paid money to go see. Soon they realize it's a hockey game! They think the warm up is the actual game and who the hell are those zebra looking men on the ice? Followed by numerous other mind boggling comments, they watch the game and two men decide to go toe-to-toe. That's when this casual fan stands up, looks up to the sky, and says, "But it's the lord's day!"

Yes, thats right (real) hockey fans, the lord's day. God forbid the part of the sport that brings a majority of the fans through the turnstiles happened on a day that should bring peace to the mind and kneeling in a sacred church. Not to mention that the fan probably did not know you could fight. I guess this casual fan I am speaking of is one who has attended about five or so hockey games and has yet to realize religion and hockey don't mix.

Anyways. This is just the start of many posts to come. No, I am not a Puck Daddy wannabee. OK, maybe I am. Nor will I make it to Puck Daddy status. But what the hell, I can't do worse than the Atlanta Thrashers are these days, or their entire tenure in the NHL. Hats off to Puck Daddy and his amazing blog over at Yahoo! (shit, this is a google site!). I will try to write daily, but stuff happens so we'll see. There will be parts of the blog that will happen daily. I am thinking YouTube clips, fight of the night (prior night) or week, journeyman player of the day, etc.

What happened to the all the Sean Avery talk anyways?

It's getting late, sleep well.

I'll leave you with two things. Please watch the video below. Jack Edwards may be crazy, but hockey needs more of that.

Journeyman of the Day: Peter White

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