Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Jinx

Yes we all have heard it; being on the cover of an EA Sports game jinxes that player. It has been enormously somewhat true in the Madden series. From guys breaking their legs, car accidents, awful season, and even becoming porn stars, OK maybe not that, but, it appears your doomed after being on it. Does this appear to be the case in the EA's NHL series as well?

It has been some hot talk this season a few weeks back regarding Dion Phaneuf. However he has having a tremendous season regardless of what fans are saying. Fans always expect big things out of their big players. I think sometimes people forget Phaneuf is a defenseman, and if he is not scoring two goals a game and knocking three people out, he has failed miserably. This season Phaneuf has registered 4 goals and 26 assists. Last season he had 17 goals, so yeah hes off-pace for that statistic, but Flames fans should be happy with the results nonetheless.

2008 coverboy Eric Staal had a rebound season last year from the previous, and though he has been the rumor of many trade talks this year, he seems to be fairing well since then.

Ovechkin was 2007, enough said.

So is the series clear of any aquistions that it does harm? Well not totally. There are two notable players who could use the excuse of being cursed by it. The most notable one, Dany Heatley. In September of 2003, Heatley lost control of his car and crashed into a wall suffering numerous injuries which cut his 03-04 season short. Happening just weeks after the game was released with him on the cover. That was not the worst of the incident however, teammate Dan Snyder was in the passenger seat and died as a result of the accident. Since then Dany has comeback to the NHL in a big way, posting huge numbers, but his life will never be the same. EA Sports even changed the cover midway through the season due to the incident. Joe Sakic was the replacement.

Markus Naslund is another notable coverboy who has had some issues since his edition back in 2004. For the past four seasons his point totals have dropped each of those years. He made the jump from the Canucks to the Rangers this past offseason.

Well in other news, like Buotte said yesterday, Claude Lemeuiux is up in the NHL once again. I really cannot think of one good reason an NHL team in first place would want this guy to come in now, besides publicity. But really, when your in first do you need anymore?

Rick Dipietro is out for the entire season. Cudos to Garth Snow and the boys out there on Long Island who put that tremendous deal together to keep him there until I have a mid life crisis (I am 21).

Tomorrow check back for a Buotte update. Can the Thrashers seriously win another one? Fans actually having something to cheer about in Hotlanta? And it's not for the Dog Fights at Vick's house either! Good day all.

-Mike Nick

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  1. I really cannot think of one good reason an NHL team in first place would want this guy to come in now,
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